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Alkaline water
When we talk about alkaline water, it is usually determined by pH level. pH means potential hydrogen or the ability of the water to carry oxygen in the body. Our blood has a pH of 7.365. Above that level leads to alkaline state. Below that level leads to acidic state. Electrolysis raises the pH level of water, thereby oxygenating our cells better. If our body is in acidic state, our cells begin to breakdown. That’s where they become susceptible to disease. All disease process comes from the same root cause....ACIDIC STATE! All free radicals have acidic state. Cancer cells which come from free radicals thrive in an acidic environment. No cancer cells can thrive in an alkaline environment.

The 3 properties of Kangen water are





Kangen water contains 3 properties that combat oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is caused by free radicals that are present everywhere in our environment.We’ve all seen the effects of oxidation in nature:


Oxidation can’t be stopped, research however indicates that the process can be slowed down with antioxidants. Antioxidants in liquids can be measured using an ORP meter.

The higher the negative reading (ORP) or Oxidation Reduction Potential (higher antioxidant), the more effective the reduction of oxidative stress from your body, minimizing the risk of cancer and onset of other diseases.

Kangen water has the highest antioxidant measured compared to any liquid on the planet. (~ – 470 ORP)

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Many of us lead an acidic lifestyle, from eating a lot meat (acidic), drinking carbonated water (highly acidic), experiencing negative emotions (stress), and not having enough sleep. This unhealthy lifestyle turns our body into an acidic state, where we are very susceptible to sickness and diseases.
“Cancer grows in oxygen-deprived acidic tissue… Disease cannot thrive in an alkaline body” – Dr Otto Heinrich Warburg, Winner of the 1931 Nobel Prize in Physiology and discovered the Cause of Cancer in 1923.

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The “smaller” your water or rather the less clustered the molecules of your drinking water, the better your body will be able to absorb it and the more hydrated you will feel.
Staying hydrated is very important for us whenever we carry out our daily activities. Staying well-hydrated helps us to increase our stamina, keep our mind alert, and think better.
Ionized water has better hydration ability due to the micro-clustering of the water molecules after the ionization process. Non-ionized water molecules are found in clusters of 10 to 20 molecules while ionized water are found in clusters of 4 – 6 molecules.

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”Back to origin”Japanese word “KANGEN” means back to origin!

Kangen Water (Wikipedia සිංහල) has the potential to hydrate the body in a cellular level due to it’s molecular restructured component through the process of ELECTROLYSIS. It has anti-oxidant capacity thereby preventing cancer cell growth. It plays an important role in anti-inflammatory as well as anti-aging process. It has the highest pH level and its highest oxygen reduction potential makes the best alkaline water that our body cells can receive. Drinking ionized alkaline Kangen Water prevents inflammation and accumulation of disease process by helping body cell to repair itself.
That’s why the Japanese word “KANGEN” means back to origin! Kangen Water gives us the opportunity to drink that quality of water which our ancestors used to drink before. Nowadays it is very rare to find this quality of water, which can only be found in waters stricken by lightning, in glaciers, and those waters from the Himalayas.Kangen Water gives us the opportunity to be able to drink that same quality of water because of it’s molecular restructured component, making the body cells well hydrated. If the cell is healthy, the whole body is healthy. We can only achieve a good quality of life if our body is healthy physically, spiritually and financially.

Kangen Alkaline Water Sri Lanka

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